FNO Trading Guidelines

Buy Rule : Buy When Buy Signal comes
Safe Buy  : Buy when Buy Signal is there and Trend Line is Green or Grey

Sell Rule : Sell when Sell Signal comes
Safe Sell : Sell when Sell Signal is there and Trend Line is
Red or Grey

Booking Profits : You can Book Profit Near T1 , T2 , T3 or Book Profit Whenever you wish to as per your comfort.
Observation : Following Buy signal till Sell is not generated may give Huge Profit in many cases.

This System is for Day Trading / Intraday only. However One can carry forward it as positional also depending on Your Risk Profile. Higher Risk = Higher Profits

New    Market Trend widget is added.
It is having UP and Down Stock Values. Which Indicates whether market is Going Up or Down. Too High UP or Down Values Suggest Market going in one Perticular Direction.

When Markets are ready for UP Side Rally. You will See More Stock are Up and You Can Hold Your Buying Positions for Bigger Targets. Vica Versa for Selling Side